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Low Pressure Rubber Joint Elbow

The low-pressure rubber joint elbow is an accessory for changing the direction of fluid flow at a 90-degree angle in pipeline systems. It is made of corrosion-resistant brass with a rubber gasket and a technopolymer locking ring. It is used in low-pressure applications for water, air, and gas.
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A straight low-pressure steel coupling connects two rubber tubes of equal diameter in a low-pressure line. It consists of two grooved spigots that ensure a tight connection. They are common in fuel, hydraulic and fluid transport applications, and in low-pressure liquid and gas transport systems. They withstand relatively low pressures and are suitable for...
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Low Pressure Splice T

The Low Pressure Steel Tee Connector is an accessory that connects three sections of low pressure piping of the same diameter. It is easy to install and dismantle without special tools. It is used in water systems, compressed air, and hydraulic or fuel pipelines.