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Adhesivo Euro Sellador Hidráulico



Hydraulic Sealant is a single component anaerobic indicated for metal threads to prevent loosening from shock or vibration. The product cures spontaneously and quickly in the absence of air between metal surfaces.

600 / 800 cPs
Punto de inflamación
Mayor a 100ºC
Resina de Ácido Metracrílico
Img Ref. Covasa
Adhesivo Euro Sellador Hidráulico
Q010-10 50 ml
Total 0,0
  • Seals and blocks all kind of bolt connections. A sealant for threaded parts in hydraulic and tire plants. Resistant to aggressive oils.
  • For the use of this product in metal or plastic assemblies the compatibility of materials has to be tested. Not recommended for use in oxygen installations and as a sealant for strong or oxidizing agents. For best performance, the surface must be clean and free of grease.
  • Apply the product over the entire surface. Completely close the parts.
  • The product works best on assemblies to tighten.
  • On difficult surfaces use in combination with the Accelerator. Product life minimum 12 months from + 5ºC to 28ºC.
  • The data mentioned here are for your information only and are reliable. We cannot take responsibility for the results obtained by others whose methods we do not control. It is the responsibility of the user to determine the appropriate characteristics of the products related to their production process and to adapt the necessary precautions for the protection of the person against any danger in which they may be involved in handling and use.

If you wish to obtain the technical data sheet and / or the safety data sheet of the product, you must request it.

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