Agricultural Trailer Brake...

Agricultural Trailer Brake Valve 3 Positions

The device is designed to operate at three preset pressures using a lever, where the maximum pressure (upper lever position), medium pressure (central lever position) and minimum pressure (lower position) are found. lever).

The marking of each position (MED - MAX - MIN) is indicated on the valve, being necessary for the user of the towed vehicle, according to what is established in its national type approval, to have a pictogram located next to it. to the valve where the position that has been selected at all times depending on the state of charge of the vehicle is clearly and visually reflected.

Caudal Nominal
10 - 40 l/min
Img Ref. Covasa
Agricultural Trailer Brake Valve 3 Positions
0915VF-00 3 Positions
Total 0,0

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