Anti-slip ANTI-SKID Transmission Belts PROWORK

Extends the life of drive belts and protects against cracking and drying. Eliminate noise. Suitable for any type of belt driven machine.

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Anti-slip ANTI-SKID Transmission Belts
Q001-04 400 ml Aerosol
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  • Increases the friction of leather, rubber and fabric belts, both in flat, round or trapezoidal belts.
  • Prevents belt slipping, even in high humidity conditions. li>
  • Durable, does not age, harden, or dry out. It is always soft, retaining the traction force long after application.
  • Penetrating. It helps to clean the belts, delaying their loosening.
  • Effective since it does not collect dirt, dust or erasures, waterproofing the treated belts.

How to use

  • Shake the spray. Aim the valve at the inner surfaces of the operating belts.
  • On V-belts, spraying can be done directly to the belts or pulleys.
  • Once the operation is finished, spray inverting the aerosol, with which we will be able to clean the nozzle and prevent it from clogging.


  • For all types of belts, especially those that work outdoors (construction, public works, quarries, concreting and asphalt plants).
  • In the textile industry, dyes and prints.

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