The device is designed to operate at three preset pressures using a lever, where the maximum pressure (upper lever position), medium pressure (central lever position) and minimum pressure (lower position) are found. lever). The marking of each position (MED - MAX - MIN) is indicated on the valve, being necessary for the user of the towed vehicle,...
The copper tube flaring tool is a professional tool used in plumbing and fluid engineering to create secure and tight connections between tubes of different diameters. It is made of sturdy steel and features mandrels and dies to shape the end of the tube. It is easy to use and essential for anyone working with copper tubes.
Faston Terminals / Connectors / Pushbuttons

Faston Terminals

Flat female plug with PVC insulated anti-vibration copper sleeve.
Grease Nipples / Pumps / Quick Couplings

45º Angled Greaser

Its smooth face prevents dripping and excessive wear. Its long tang ensures a positive closure.
Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic Oil HLP 46

These new oils, in addition to being respectful with the environment, offer the same quality as any other lubricant in the HLP category on the market.