The copper tube flaring tool is a professional tool used in plumbing and fluid engineering to create secure and tight connections between tubes of different diameters. It is made of sturdy steel and features mandrels and dies to shape the end of the tube. It is easy to use and essential for anyone working with copper tubes.
Faston Terminals / Connectors / Pushbuttons

Faston Terminals

Flat female plug with PVC insulated anti-vibration copper sleeve.
Flexible Metallic Brake

Male Brake Terminal

Terminal for pressing special PTFE tubing for hydraulic brake and clutch.
Grease Nipples / Pumps / Quick Couplings

45º Angled Greaser

Its smooth face prevents dripping and excessive wear. Its long tang ensures a positive closure.
For Embossing in Polyamide

Polyamide Straight Connection

The straight steel connection for polyamide is a connection for polyamide tubes and is resistant to corrosion and high temperatures It is common in the chemical, industrial, and fluid handling industries.
The Double Low Pressure Steel Spherical Terminal is a pipe accessory that allows the connection of two pipes with an intermediate connection. It is made of high quality carbon steel to resist corrosion and pressure. Its spherical design allows greater flexibility in the direction of flow and reduces flow resistance, resulting in a reduction in pressure...