Closed Water Hose Reel CEJN

High flow rate and low pressure drop, anti-kink design, hose guidance and slow retract with soft stop ball to prevent tripping.

Tipo de Medida
Reforzada PUR
5°C — +60°C (41°F — +140°F)
Img Ref. Covasa
Largo (L)
Closed Water Hose Reel
199112230 19 911 2230 9,5x13,5 3/8" BSPT 14 m
Closed Water Hose Reel
199112231 19 911 2231 9,5x13,5 3/8" NPT 14 m
Closed Water Hose Reel
199112240 19 911 2240 11x16 1/2" BSPT 10 m
Closed Water Hose Reel
199112241 19 911 2241 11x16 1/2" NPT 10 m
Total 0,0

CEJN's safety reel is a durable reel that provides excellent performance. Its patented full flow design allows for high flow and low pressure drop. Ideal for workplace safety. The slow retract function, hose guide, PUR hose, soft stop ball to avoid tripping and anti-kink design are just a few examples of what makes these safety reels the best on the market. The reel can rotate 180 degrees, allowing the operator to move freely, and the slow retract makes handling easy and safe. All components in our range of safety reels are designed for long-term use, resistant to wear and tear and the harshest conditions.


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