Drawer Nº54 (336x216x155)

Drawer Nº54 (336x216x155)

Model 54 stackable bins of 155 mm high, 216 mm wide and 336 mm deep.

SUITABLE FOR FOOD USE. Sanitary registration no. 3904321 / V

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Drawer Nº54 (336x216x155)
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Drawer Nº54 (336x216x155)
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Wide front opening for convenient filling and easy access to stored parts. They have great stability for stacking, allowing to organize a large number of different items for handling.

They are the perfect complement for the stocking of parts in warehouses and workshops.

Their manufacture in polypropylene it makes them resistant to acids, fats and different chemical compounds, and at temperatures between -10ºC and 80ºC.

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