Filter Model 651 CEJN

As air cools after a compression cycle, moisture builds up in the system, potentially causing pneumatic equipment to corrode or slow down, which could lead to downtime. To do this, we offer the Model 651 filter in our air handling units.

Aluminio, Policarbonato
-20°C — +50°C (-4°F — +122°F)
Presión de Trabajo
16 bar (232 PSI)

It has a high flow capacity and can withstand up to 16 bar (232 PSI) of inlet pressure, efficiently removing any solids in the air. The 651 includes a polycarbonate container, easily visible level indicators, and a compact modular design. Choose from filters with a filtration capacity between 0.01 and 25 μm.

Application: Virtually all industries, eg. and. manufacturing, food, processing, carpentry, paper mills, etc., relies on compressed air as a source of energy. In a shared compressed air network, with numerous outlets and an extensive piping system, air preparation units are especially important.


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