Filter/Regulator Model 653 CEJN

The Model 653 combines a filter, regulator, and flat gauge for optimal performance. The filter will efficiently remove moisture or debris and the regulator provides consistent, controlled air pressure. Thanks to its compact design, it is perfect in applications where space is limited.

Aluminio, Nitrilo (NBR), Policarbonato
-20°C — +50°C (-4°F — +122°F)
Presión de Trabajo
16 bar (232 PSI)

Combined Model 653 for compressed air systems withstands inlet pressure up to 12 bar (174 PSI). Features a polycarbonate bowl, easily visible level gauges, flexible lamination diaphragm for extended life, and a locking device. Application: Virtually all industries, eg. and. manufacturing, food, processing, carpentry, paper mills, etc., relies on compressed air as a source of energy. In a shared compressed air network, with numerous outlets and an extensive piping system, air preparation units are especially important.


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