NEGRO, Naranja
Rango de prensado standard
10 - 45 mm (0,39" - 1,77")
Fuerza de prensado
95,5 Tn (955 kN)
Desplazamiento de las mordazas
20 mm
630 Bar Bomba de mano
Mordazas master
39/ 64 mm (1,54 / 2,52")
Tamaño máximo de manguera
Img Ref. Covasa
H16HP Hose Press
90280000 9028-00-00
Total 0,0


Width: 500 mm

Depth: 156 mm

Height: 330 mm

Weight: 29 kg

H-Line press range

The solution for the operator.

In the design of the H-Line crimper and the operator is focused. Ergonomic working positions, simple and safe operation are key features. Along with the purely technical advantages, the machines are truly unique.


• Portable.

• Quick and easy handling.

• Ergonomic operation.

• Easy storage of matrices.

More information

On our smallest on-site crimper, they have reorganized the press concept from scratch to create ergonomic portability and wear.

Using compressed air to operate, the operator frees himself from the pumping.

He carried like a briefcase, the weight of the press stays attached to his leg and saves the operators.

During operation, the handle of the Hand pump is oriented at 90 degrees. angle from the head opening creating a correct ergonomic working position.

Additionally, the handle is bent at the end to create a natural grip for the operator.

The pressing dies are kept neat in an integrated box inside the press. No more messy mixing of matrices.

This machine is all about the operator.

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