Naranja, Negro
Digital con Autocal
Rango de prensado standard
10 - 87 mm (0,39" - 3,42")
Fuerza de prensado
200 Tn (2000 kN)
Desplazamiento de las mordazas
33 mm
1,5 / 4 kW (2,0 / 5,5 HP)
Mordazas master
99 / 80 mm (3,90 / 3,15")
Tamaño máximo de manguera
Img Ref. Covasa
H32 AUTOCAL Hose Press
90280003 9028-00-03
Total 0,0


Width: 850 mm

Depth: 400 mm

Height: 530 mm

Weight: 173 kg (without oil)

H-Line press range

The solution for the operator.

In the design of the H-Line crimper and the operator is focused. Ergonomic working positions, simple and safe operation are key features. Along with the purely technical advantages, the machines are truly unique.


• Quick and easy handling

• Digital control

• Automatic calibration

• Quick and easy tool change

More information

The quality in a hose assembly is a correct crimp. Do you have curl today that hasn't been calibrated since you bought it? What would it cost to bring a service technician to calibrate the press?

This is now a problem of the past!

With our new D AutoCal system, the press warns you that calibration is necessary in the interm. In a process using a precision hardened bar supplied with the crimper you do the on-site calibration yourself. The calibration will take about 10 seconds to perform. It's not raining necessary.

This is just the beginning of the innovative design of this crimper.

Multifunctional digital control. Faster and more secure crimp data entry. No confusing micrometer. See image.

Crimper control is on the head side to create an ergonomic workstation for the operator.

The custom hydraulic tank enables the filter and other parts to easily accessible positions for service.

In addition, it has allowed us to make the crimper very compact in dimensions to fit your workbench. Fast pressing cycle and many more advantages for you to discover.

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