High Temperature Textile Protection

Fiberglass And Silicone Protection

The fire protection sleeve is a high quality fiberglass sleeve with a silicone rubber cover that makes it resistant to extreme temperatures and flame affection. Resistant to hydraulic fluids, most acids and chemicals, lubricating oils and fluids.
Textile Protection

Velcro Textile Protection

Can be used to wrap or bundle hoses and cables. The high quality velcro closure allows for reuse many times. Cost reduction since it can be disassembled at any time, even without disconnecting hoses or cables, which makes it ideal for maintenance. Will not fray when cut to desired length. Low adherence to dirt.
Helical Protection

Fluorescent Protection Coil

Coil hose protection visible in low light conditions. Can be used for a single hose or a set of hoses. Rounded edges for easy and secure mounting. Suitable for use with all hydraulic fluids.