Hydroalcoholic Gel For...

Hydroalcoholic Gel For Hands 5 Liters

This practical hand sanitizer lotion provides effective cleaning thanks to its alcohol concentration. In addition, it leaves hands hydrated and prevents them from drying out even when used frequently.

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Hydroalcoholic Gel For Hands 5 Liters
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It is ideal for disinfecting the hands of undesirable elements such as pathogens, which are invisible to the naked eye, when they are not too dirty or greasy.

Prowork's disinfectant lotion eliminates most of the germs to protect you and yours from germs. Alcohol is a powerful antiseptic and can be an essential first aid tool in reducing the microbial load on the skin. When you don't have access to soap and water, Prowork Sanitizing Lotion can help cleanse your skin and remove pollutants like viruses and bacteria.

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