Lithium Titanium Oxide Grease B-MOL-EP-2 PROWORK

It contains anti-oxidant, anti-corrosive and passivating additives, which considerably prolongs the useful life.

It is a grease that develops an excellent lubricating action for a long time. It is resistant to water and capable of working in all types of environments, even in humid and saline environments.

Mezcla de grasas y lubricantes con litio zinc y titanio
Hidrocarburos desnaturalizados e inodoros
260 - 290
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Lithium Titanium Oxide Grease B-MOL-EP-2
Q001-43 400 ml Aerosol
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  • Ivory white grease with a high performance lithium and titanium oxide content, particularly adapted to the nautical sector.
  • It is stable for a long time and resists oxidation. li>
  • Suitable for all types of bearings and mechanisms that work under high loads and high temperatures.
  • Excellent mechanical and thermal stability.
  • Prevents wear and seizure. < / li>
  • Excellent adhesion, high viscosity.
  • Resistant against weak acids and bases and environmental influences. High resistance to washing. Excellent protector against corrosion.

If you wish to obtain the technical data sheet and / or the safety data sheet of the product, you must request it.

How to use

Shake well before use, clean the surface to be treated, and spray on it evenly.


  • Ideal for lubrication and protection of elements exposed to the action of water such as: bolts, joints, transmissions, levers, suspensions, hinges and exposed mechanical organs of outboard motors or in boats.
  • Metal-to-metal joints, bearings.
  • Metal to plastic joints, spindle bearings.
  • Door hinges, bearings, springs, stabilizers. Bumpers, worm gears.

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