Lubricants and Greases

Lubricants and Greases

General Lubricating Oil PTFE SUPERLUBE-RP

Lubricating oil with PTFE microspheres diluted with special solvents, to offer long-lasting lubrication. Especially suitable for lubricating parts subject to strong pressures and precision connections and high speeds. The PTFE will lubricate even if the oil disappears.
Lubricants and Greases

TC-25 Cutting Oil

Transparent refined cutting oil, highly cooling, which facilitates a smooth cut for all types of materials.
Lubricants and Greases

Multipurpose Unblocking Lubricant

Oil. Formulated for unlocking, protection, lubrication and penetration of metal surfaces. Prevents breakage of parts, softening locks, hinges and guides. Eliminates noise in bearings, guides, transport chains and wherever there is a mechanism that does not require maintenance. Known as 6 in 1.
Lubricants and Greases

Adhesive Grease + P.T.F.E.

Very fluid grease formulated from PTFE with high quality oils and polymers that give it high adhesion.
Lubricants and Greases

Lithium Titanium Oxide Grease B-MOL-EP-2

It contains anti-oxidant, anti-corrosive and passivating additives, which considerably prolongs the useful life. It is a grease that develops an excellent lubricating action for a long time. It is resistant to water and capable of working in all types of environments, even in humid and saline environments.

MSF-10 Loosening

It contains active ingredients of the highest quality, which give the product a high lubricating power.