Series 410

Female Air Quick Coupling Series 410

Series 410 couplings are an original CEJN design that has become a European standard. The series can be operated with one hand and offers a long service life.
The 135 series has been designed by CEJN for very high working pressures. In the disconnected position, the couplings and nipples can withstand a pressure of up to 300 MPa. The total absence of leaks during connection and disconnection is a general characteristic throughout the high pressure range.
Series 116

male adaptor

Secure and reliable connections are essential in any situation. CEJN metal and rubber gaskets are recommended for the use of high pressure adapters.
Series 141

Female Air Quick Coupling Series 141 Tube

The 141 series mini-couplings are the smallest model of couplings on the market. The series offers the features of all CEJN products in a compact design and is suitable for fluid and vacuum applications as well as pneumatic applications.