SAE J1401 Brake Line

SAE J1401 Brake Line

Special oil resistant synthetic rubber tubing for automotive hydraulic braking systems.

D.O.T., ISO 1307, SAE J14001, TS 1046, U.S. FMVSS 106
Freno Hidráulico
Caucho sintético resistente al aceite
2 Mallas Trenza Textil
-45ºC / +80ºC
Img Ref. Covasa
Ø Interno
Ø Exterior
Presión de rotura
Presión de trabajo
SAE J1401 Brake Line
1502-00 3,5 mm
10,5 mm 490 bar
7106 psi
276 bar
4003 psi
Total 0,0

Claws : 24-10F or 32-10F PETM-BRAKE

Thought : 10.8 mm

For a correct pressing of the brake connections, place the first mark of the pressing behind the bottom of the bushing, at a distance of between 3 and 5 mm, according to the image :

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