TC-25 Cutting Oil PROWORK

Transparent refined cutting oil, highly cooling, which facilitates a smooth cut for all types of materials.

Sin corrosión al acero, Sin corrosión al cobre
Líquido transparente
0,862 Kg/dm3 (20ºC)
4,4 cSt (100ºC), 21,6 cSt (40ºC)
Punto de inflamación
Mayor a 170ºC
Img Ref. Covasa
TC-25 Cutting Oil
Q001-11 400 ml Aerosol
TC-25 Cutting Oil
Q005-27 5 liters
Total 0,0
  • Chlorine-free, refined, clear and transparent cutting oil.
  • Contains anticorrosive and antioxidant additives.
  • Great wetting power, forming a continuous film between tools and parts.
  • It favors cutting, increasing the life and performance of the tools.
  • Greases and preserves the machines.
  • Highly cooling. li >
  • Perfect finishes by facilitating a smooth cut.
  • Due to its very special characteristics, all types of materials can be used as the only cutting oil.
  • It allows visibility during machining due to its clear and transparent color.
  • The formation of fumes is minimal.
  • Strongly antiseptized.
  • Prepared to prevent shearing and aging. li >
  • It does not stain and protects the machine.

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How to use

It is used totally pure.


  • Machining of hard steels, stainless steels, copper alloys, all kinds of metals.
  • Ideal for automatic lathes, milling cutters, gear hobbing machines, broaching machines, etc ...

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