Technical Hoses

Air / Water Hoses

Reinforced Antistatic Conductive Hose

Dissipates electrostatic charges. Excellent weather resistance. Extreme flexibility. The electrically conductive hose is made of braided EPDM rubber that dissipates electrostatic discharge and minimizes errant sparks.
Industrial / Hydrocarbon Hoses

Air / Water Pipe

Hose made on mandrel, for impulsion of water at 10 bar, for general uses based on the use of water in industry and construction.
Hydrocarbons (Rough / Banded Exterior)

1TE Pipe

 With Unilock fittings, do not use for brake plants with compressed air or in circuits under strong pressure impulses.  
Hydrocarbons (Rough / Banded Exterior)

Synthetic Pipe ISO 1307

Hose manufactured on mandrel for the impulsion of hydrocarbons in general at 15 bar in transfers related to fuels with a maximum aromatic content of 40% and oleodynamic oil in return circuits.