Tee Connection With 3 Males Series 116 CEJN

The CEJN Series 116 Tee is a lightweight one-piece coupling and spigot combination for making series connections on high-pressure hydraulic tools such as torque tools and cylinders.

Acero Zincado, Nitrilo (NBR)
-30ºC / +100ºC (-22ºF / +212ºF)
Presión de Trabajo
150.0 MPa
Diámetro Nominal de Paso
2.5 mm (3/32")
6.0 l/min (1.3 GPM UK)
Presión de Rotura
300.0 MPa

By replacing the use of traditional distributors that may require up to 13 components (and at least 5 different references), the compact tee connection minimizes the risk of leaks by reducing the number of connections. A modified gasket allows the spindle valve to control dynamic loads without damage, even when disconnected. The pre-assembled and tested connection is delivered ready for installation, saving assembly time and costs.


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