Accessories and Tools

Accessories and Tools

Heat Shrink Capsule Hoses

Heat shrinkable capsule for sealing the ends of the hoses and preventing dirt from entering during transport and handling.
Accessories and Tools

Disc For Cutters

There are two types of blades available, smooth and serrated in sizes from 200mm to 600mm.
Accessories and Tools

Cleaning Caps (Bag 100)

HYDROSCAND plugs temporarily block the flow of liquids in pipes for maintenance, repair or cleaning tasks. They are resistant and durable, with threads for easy installation and removal. Available in different sizes and come in a bag of 100 units for easy storage and use. Ideal for plumbing, HVAC and irrigation systems.
Accessories and Tools

Air Conditioning Freon Jaw Set

The Freon clamp game holds and seals air conditioning pipes with a secure and firm grip. Made of high-quality steel, it is durable and corrosion-resistant. Essential for air conditioning and refrigeration installers and technicians.
Accessories and Tools

Special Cutting Disc

A special cutting disc cuts hydraulic and industrial pipes. It is mounted on an electric or hydraulic cutting machine to cut pipes accurately and efficiently. It is made of resistant materials such as high-quality steel. There are different sizes and shapes to adapt to different cuts and materials. Some discs have additional features for greater...
Accessories and Tools

Freon Press Jaw Set 1"

"1" steel refrigerant clamp set for refrigeration systems. Includes different sizes of clamps for precise and secure fitting. Ideal for HVAC technicians and fluid engineers."
Accessories and Tools

1" Press Jaw Set

"The 1" steel vise game is a high-quality set of pieces for pipe manufacturing. With a pressing capacity of up to 1 inch, it is ideal for precise work in the metallurgical and mechanical industry. Essential in workshops and factories for pressing fittings safely and accurately."