Hoses Machinery

Hose Measurement and Management

MEASUREMAN 5-50 Hose Gauge

MeasureMan 5-50 is a length measurement system for hoses with capacities from 1mm to 2 ″. Automatically adjusts to hose size and is perfectly centered during operation. The ultimate hose reselling tool used in combination with our hose reels; HoseReel 1, AutoReel H and AutoReel V. A bracket is available as an option.
Hose Cleaners

E-CLEANER COBRA Hose Cleaning System

The e-cleaner system is a fast and efficient way to clean your hoses / tubes. A foam plug is loaded into the Cobra e -cleaner and blown through the hose / tube with compressed air. The Cobra has a unique semi-automatic loading system, an ergonomically designed grip and a weight of just 0.3 kg. It is suitable for hoses up to 2 "and pipes up to 60mm ID.
Hose Cutters

Hose Cutter

The 4SH manual electric hose cutter cuts high-pressure hydraulic hoses with precision and efficiency. With a high-quality blade, it cuts hoses up to 1 1/4" with ease and speed. Powerful and essential for hydraulic hose repair workshops.
Hose Strippers

Manual Peeling Tool

Skalman is a manual skiving device designed for fi eld service, smaller workshop and service vans. It is suitable for both internal and external skiving up to 2” and it is quickly and easily mounted in a vice ready for use.
Hose Strippers

MIDISKIVE 5-50C Hose Stripper

A complete Skiving machine with a table and tool holders for efficient skiving of hydraulic hoses from dimensions 3/16" up to 2". MidiSkive 5-50C comes with tool holders and a waste collection bin. 
Hose Measurement and Management

Hose Dispenser

The hose dispenser provides the possibility of having 7 different pipe sizes in the manufacturing area and easy extraction of the pipe to facilitate handling by the operator.
Hose Cutters

380V Hose Cutter Cabinet

The 380V hose cutter with cabinet is an industrial tool for cutting hoses with precision and efficiency. It runs on electricity and can cut hoses up to 2 inches in diameter. Ideal for workshops and factories that require precise and repetitive cuts on hoses.
Hose Cleaners

MICROJET 5-50 Hose Cleaner

A quick and simple system using compressed air to clean your hose/tube. The tool comes with two plastic nozzles, one for hoses and tubes from 3/16" to 1" and one for 1" to 2". The hose/tube is pressed against the nozzle which opens a valve to allow the compressed air to clean the hose/tube.
Hose Cleaners

E-CLEANER MAXI Hose Cleaning System

With few wear parts and sturdy pistol grip, it is a nearly indestructible gun E-Cleaner Maxi is a robust cleaning gun for the toughest environments. The gun that changed the industry in cleaning with projectiles. Made of cast aluminum. Recharges easily with a simple push of the thumb wherein the nozzle is opened and new projectile can be charged.
Hose Strippers

MIDISKIVE 5-50B Hose Stripper

For efficient skiving of hydraulic hoses (external and internal) from dimensions 3/16" to 2". The machine is easily controlled by a foot pedal. With a bin for rubber waste.
Hose Cleaners

JETCLEANER 3000 Hose Cleaning System

Tabletop machine for cleaning hoses and tubes. Simple and fast machine for 3/16 ”- 1 1/4” ID hose and 6 mm - 31 mm ID tube. Tube size up to 40mm OD. A projectile is dropped into the machine and the hose or tube is pressed against the nozzle. The projectile is then released by pressing the pedal.
The 1" R2 vertical manual hydraulic press is a manual tool that applies pressure through hydraulic fluid and is suitable for light or medium work in workshops and factories. It is important that it complies with established safety regulations.
Hose Measurement and Management

HOSEREEL7 Hose Dispenser

This seven-stage hose reel saves a lot of time when cutting hose, with the most common types always on hand. Each spool (except for the bottom one) can be turned horizontally to easily insert a new roll. On the reel preferably, it should be placed 1-2 meters from the cutting machine.
Hose Strippers

EST Outer Hose Stripping Blades

EST stands for External Chamfer Tool. EST-double has an extra arm to prevent unbalance from high speed machines and to allow for faster beveling operation. External chamfering Tools are available from 3/16 ”to 2” and have adjustable chamfer depth and length.
Hose Measurement and Management

HOSEREEL1 Hose Dispenser

This single stage hose reel is designed for hoses and cables. The table is adjustable to fit the center of the coil. It should preferably be placed 1–1.5 m from the machine to be cut.