Hose Cutters

Hose Cutters

MINICUT 5-50 Manual Hose Cutter

A manually operated cutting machine designed for smaller workshops and service vans. MiniCut has a robust construction, is highly reliable and easy to use. There are three different motor alternatives to choose from: 12V, 230V single phase and 230/400/460V 3-phase. The machine is prepared with a smoke evacuation connection and it's suitable for braided...
Hose Cutters

MIDICUT 5-50P Manual Hose Cutter

MidiCut 5-50P is a pneumatically operated hose cutting machine for the medium sized workshop or the small serial production. The machine is very safe and easy to use.
Hose Cutters

CUTMAN 5-20 Manual Cutter

The perfect solution for on-site repair jobs when you need to cut in the most inaccessible places. Quick and easy operation.
Hose Cutters

Hose Cutter

The 4SH manual electric hose cutter cuts high-pressure hydraulic hoses with precision and efficiency. With a high-quality blade, it cuts hoses up to 1 1/4" with ease and speed. Powerful and essential for hydraulic hose repair workshops.
Hose Cutters

380V Hose Cutter Cabinet

The 380V hose cutter with cabinet is an industrial tool for cutting hoses with precision and efficiency. It runs on electricity and can cut hoses up to 2 inches in diameter. Ideal for workshops and factories that require precise and repetitive cuts on hoses.
Accessories and Tools

Disc For Cutters

There are two types of blades available, smooth and serrated in sizes from 200mm to 600mm.
Hose Measurement and Management

Automatic Motorized Cutter Feeder

The HoseReel EOS is motorized and has an automatic start. and stop function to avoid stretching or tangling the hose. It is integrated with AutoCut, can rotate in both directions, and has adjustable speed control.