Industrial Chemicals

High-density alkaline compound, which dissolves all kinds of organic residues, such as food, paper, soaps, hair, fats, oils, etc. Efficiently, easily and quickly removes the toughest clogs and odors from pipes and drains. Restores the normal functioning of the drain and pipes, leaving them clean.
White, abrasive, uniform and compact foam, which allows its application even on vertical surfaces. Cleans, polishes, protects and polishes stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, etc.
Hydraulic Sealant is a single component anaerobic indicated for metal threads to prevent loosening from shock or vibration. The product cures spontaneously and quickly in the absence of air between metal surfaces.
Lubricants and Greases

TC-25 Cutting Oil

Transparent refined cutting oil, highly cooling, which facilitates a smooth cut for all types of materials.
The MR cyanoacrylate adhesive is a medium viscosity adhesive (100 cps), based on Ethyl-Cyanoacrylate. The MR is designed for high-strength joints that polymerize plastics, rubbers and other materials at high speed. Recommended for mounting smooth parts and flat surfaces.

Wall Paper Dispenser

Wick paper dispenser from the Elegance Line, made of ABS, makes it a compact, robust wick paper dispenser with anti-vandalism characteristics.

Industrial Paper Roll

Industrial roll of toilet paper for use as needed. The pack includes 2 units of 2-ply paper roll. High quality. Length of 300 meters, for a number of 1000 predetermined services. 30 cm precut.
Cutting Fluids

White Drill TL-200

Semi-synthetic cutting fluid, which when emulsified with water, acquires a white color. For all types of machining.

Green Synthetic Coolant TL-75

Synthetic fluid, soluble in water, especially for high-cooling operations. When mixed with water, it acquires a green color.
Industrial Maintenance

Vaseline Filling Grease

White, translucent, odor-free and stringy Vaseline grease. Lubrication of locks, hinges, blinds, battery terminals.
Cleaning solvent for electrical equipment, motors and other equipment. It displaces dirt, dries quickly. It is comfortable to use and provides greater ease in inserting cables. Allows subsequent manipulations in the installation. Does not stain. Does not contain silicones.
Lubricants and Greases

Adhesive Grease + P.T.F.E.

Very fluid grease formulated from PTFE with high quality oils and polymers that give it high adhesion.
Metallized and Zinc Plated

Simile Stainless Steel INOX-GRUP

Stainless steel coating for metal surfaces, having good adhesion to most materials. It can be used as a final finish or for repainting. Fast dry. It gives any metallic surface thermal and oxidation resistance. Stainless finish.