Hose Measurement and Management

Hose Measurement and Management

MEASUREMAN 5-50 Hose Gauge

MeasureMan 5-50 is a length measurement system for hoses with capacities from 1mm to 2 ″. Automatically adjusts to hose size and is perfectly centered during operation. The ultimate hose reselling tool used in combination with our hose reels; HoseReel 1, AutoReel H and AutoReel V. A bracket is available as an option.
Hose Measurement and Management

HOSEREEL7 Hose Dispenser

This seven-stage hose reel saves a lot of time when cutting hose, with the most common types always on hand. Each spool (except for the bottom one) can be turned horizontally to easily insert a new roll. On the reel preferably, it should be placed 1-2 meters from the cutting machine.
Hose Measurement and Management

HOSEREEL1 Hose Dispenser

This single stage hose reel is designed for hoses and cables. The table is adjustable to fit the center of the coil. It should preferably be placed 1–1.5 m from the machine to be cut.
Hose Measurement and Management


HoseReel dynamic is a very robust reel for unwinding hoses. It can be tilted 90º and can be used vertically or horizontally.
Hose Measurement and Management

Handheld Hose Cutter Gauge Accessory

Measurement scales are available for all of our manual cutting machines. We have them in sections of one, two and three meters that can be joined. All sections are supplied with a bracket. The stopper slides along the scale and can be set to the length you want to cut.
Hose Measurement and Management

Automatic Motorized Cutter Feeder

The HoseReel EOS is motorized and has an automatic start. and stop function to avoid stretching or tangling the hose. It is integrated with AutoCut, can rotate in both directions, and has adjustable speed control.
Hose Measurement and Management

Hose Dispenser

The hose dispenser provides the possibility of having 7 different pipe sizes in the manufacturing area and easy extraction of the pipe to facilitate handling by the operator.