This dispenser for hydroalcoholic gel or soap is ideal for use in communities where it is required to avoid contact between users. Perfect for shops, restaurants, hotels, sports centers, bathrooms, private homes or any public building (such as hospitals or educational centers). The use of the device does not require contact, the dispensing is automatic.

Wall Paper Dispenser

Wick paper dispenser from the Elegance Line, made of ABS, makes it a compact, robust wick paper dispenser with anti-vandalism characteristics.

Gel / Soap Dispenser

Gel and liquid dispenser with a 1000 ml refillable bottle, ABS. Valid for both soap and hydroalcoholic gels and lotions.
Support with hydroalcoholic gel dispenser. Strong and easy to assemble. Ideal for placing at the entrance of public buildings, companies, shops ... Most establishments must have hand sanitizer gel for their customers and employees by regulations. At the same time, many companies and businesses install them for hygiene and safety.