New Range Of Fittings Raufoss ABC

NOTICE: This range of Racores will gradually replace the current one as they go out of stock. Consult your commercial for more information. Raufoss Racore range ABC

We present the new raufoss ABC range, the coupling system based on the leading technology in couplings and in combination with a totally renewed design and more advanced materials..

The new Raufoss ABC fittings comply 100% with their function without affecting the properties of the tube. Mounting more comfortable and without tools and with new security features.

Characteristics and Benefits

· More than 2 billion fittings sold in the last 30 years.

· It is the most widespread coupling system.

· Designed for mono and multilayer pipes in different sizes and applications.

· Liberability of the complete tube.

· Use of more advanced, resistant and lightweight materials.

· Meets all current air brake safety requirements. 

· New integrated safety features for tube assembly:

· System of "click" so that the operator can be assured of the correct assembly.

· Check valve for EOL inspections.

· Reduced thrust system for repeated uses.

· Robustness under any environmental condition.

· Functionality "Grip then Seal" (automatic sealing).

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