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GENWEK Automatic Hydroalcohol Dispenser

This dispenser for hydroalcoholic gel or soap is ideal for use in communities where it is required to avoid contact between users. Perfect for shops, restaurants, hotels, sports centers, bathrooms, private homes or any public building (such as hospitals or educational centers). The use of the device does not require contact, the dispensing is automatic.

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GENWEK Automatic Hydroalcohol Dispenser
Q006-13 For Lotion
Dispenser Only
GENWEK Automatic Hydroalcohol Dispenser
Q006-15 For Gel
Dispenser Only
GENWEK Automatic Hydroalcohol Dispenser
Q006-16 For Gel
Dispenser and Holder
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Placing the soap dispenser on the wall is very simple. It will not take longer than required to hang a painting. It is fixed using common screws and plugs that are included with the product itself.

Its tank has a capacity of 1.1 liters, and includes a transparent viewer to easily see the level of the interior at a glance. It is also easy to clean, for this it is recommended to use a cloth slightly moistened in a soapy solution.

Always rinse with warm water. Then dry.

Dispensing is done automatically, by means of an electrical system powered by AA 4x1.5V (LR6) batteries not included. Dispenses a drop of 1ml every 3 seconds in a period of 30 seconds .

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