Enclosed Electric Cable Winder CEJN

The patented design of the electric safety reel provides its users with the highest level of safety. The reel has a firm and slow retract function and a cable guide that guides the cable safely and precisely into the housing.

CE 2006/42/EC, CE 2006/95/EC
Goma H07RN-F
-10°C — +50°C (14°F — +122°F)
240 V
IP 44, IP 65
Img Ref. Covasa
Largo (L)
Enclosed Electric Cable Winder
199112300 19 911 2300 Schuko 10 m
Enclosed Electric Cable Winder
199112301 19 911 2301 CH Plug 10 m
Enclosed Electric Cable Winder
199112310 19 911 2310 Schuko 17 m
Enclosed Electric Cable Winder
199112311 19 911 2311 CH Plug 17 m
Enclosed Electric Cable Winder
199112312 19 911 2312 CEE Plug 16 m
Total 0,0

To avoid tripping, the stopper ball is made of a soft material and the cable cover is made of a high-quality, flexible rubber. The cable winder is supplied with a thermal overload protection circuit that cuts off the power supply in the event of an overload. The reel can rotate 180 degrees allowing the operator to move freely. It is easy to install, whether it is mounted on a ceiling or a wall, and can be disconnected from the wall bracket if necessary. All components in our collection of safety reels are designed for long-term, intense use and in challenging conditions. Two types of IP protection are available, IP-44 and IP-65. IP-44; The hose is protected against solid objects and splashing water from all directions. IP-65; The hose is completely dust-tight, protected against solid objects and a large amount of water.


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