Technopolymer Elbow John Guest

Push-fit technology. Quick disconnect without the need for tools. Easy to modify or expand a system. No corrosion. Reduced installation and maintenance times.

-20ºC / +70ºC (-4ºF / +158ºF)
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Technopolymer Elbow
0578-05-15 PM0315E 15
Technopolymer Elbow
0578-05-18 PM0318E 18
Technopolymer Elbow
0578-05-22 PM0322E 22
Technopolymer Elbow
0578-05-28 PM0328E 28
Technopolymer Elbow
057JG-02-04 PM0304E 4
Technopolymer Elbow
057JG-02-06 PM0306E 6
Technopolymer Elbow
057JG-02-08 PM0308E 8
Technopolymer Elbow
057JG-02-10 PM0310E 10
Technopolymer Elbow
057JG-02-12 PM0312E 12
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How to make a connection

Cut the pipe

Do not use a hacksaw

Push in until the stop

Pull to check security

How to disconnect

To disconnect, make sure the system is depressurized. Push the collar towards the fitting and remove the tube.

For 28MM

Pour déconnecter, assurez-vous que le système est dépressurisé. Poussez le collier vers le raccord et retirez le tube.

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